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  1. 2018-05-09 / 0:10

    I am Dominique Potter media director for Debut Models Agency NYC and where part of my job is to find fashion bloggers to help promote products on their blogs for stores and brands worldwide. I am what you call a head hunter that fines a certain look and style in a blogger and the market the store or brand wants to promote in and if I am writing you, I am searching in your market for a blogger to collaborate with the giant brand Zara.
    I love what you are doing!
    Such a beautiful young woman!
    You have a great look and style about you!
    Feminine Style A Plus!
    The use of the outdoors A Plus!
    Fantastic photography!
    Information on your products A Plus!
    I had to stop and say hello and I am a fan of you and your blog.
    So are you a photographer first then a blogger?
    Thank you

    Dominique M Potter
    Media Director DMA
    One World Trade Center ,Suite 8500
    85th Floor
    New York, NY 10007

    • 2018-05-27 / 20:38

      Thank you so much Dominique! I feel really honored, that you like my blog and my style. I’m a social media manager first, but my passion is my blog. :-*

  2. 2017-02-17 / 11:44

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  3. 2016-11-02 / 9:27

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  4. Bandana S
    2016-06-30 / 8:16

    Just wanted to ask if you would be interested in getting external help with graphic design for yourself or your clients? Agencieslike yours outsource a lot of work to me for a fixed monthly fee. My company doesn’t charge per project.

    I have a great portfolio which I would love to share with you, if this is something you are interested in.

    What kind of design work do you usually need on a regular basis?

  5. 2015-11-03 / 15:19

    Hey Katie – We love your look and the vibe of your blog! It’s gorgeous, and that’s why we’re reaching out.

    We’re selecting the best up-and-coming bloggers to join Befitted, a young fashion community that lets shoppers find great clothes that fit, while giving you exposure and allowing YOU to earn cash!

    And if you join today, we’ll put $25 in your account toward your first $100 payment.

    It’s easy! Just sign up at, add three photos or videos of yourself in different looks, and we’ll put $25 in your account!

    After you add a look, we make the clothes you’re wearing shoppable. When someone clicks on your posts and makes a purchase, you earn money. Whenever your account reaches $100, we send you a check! We’ve already paid more than $9,000 this year to fashion influencers just like you.

    We hope you’ll join us in creating this dynamic, young and vibrant fashion community. With your help, fashion will look and fit better than ever!

    If you have any questions, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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